Bedlam, a novel by Christopher Brookmyre

Since his award-winning debut novel “Quite Ugly One Morning” Christopher Brookmyre has established himself as one of Britain’s leading crime novelists. This hasn’t stopped people from nagging him to write sci-fi instead, and he hopes they think this was worth it…

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Cover Quotes for Bedlam by Christopher Brookmyre

Here are a selection of cover quotes for Bedlam the novel:

‘A fascinating, fast-paced but thoughtful blend of science fiction and techno-thriller’
Iain M. Banks

‘Like the best Science Fiction books, Bedlam utilises an alternative reality to pose deep philosophical questions about the human condition. Like the best Christopher Brookmyre books it also has funny jokes, characters you can empathise with and devastatingly employed swear words . . ‘
Ed Byrne

‘Christopher Brookmyre hits another high score with this brilliant, fast-paced nightmare’
Charles Stross

‘A nostalgic trip through the tropes of gaming’
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

‘It’s warm, funny, excellently violent and highly recommended. Game on.”

‘It is a genuinely engrossing, amusing and intelligent novel. If the accompanying game is anything like as enjoyable, it will be terrifyingly addictive.’
The Guardian

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